20 Oct 2021

We refer to the article on aspirin use in primary prevention (Limit aspirin use for preventing heart attack: US task force, Oct 14).

Since its publication, we have had patients with known coronary heart disease (previous heart attack, stenting or bypass surgery) calling our hospitals to ask if they should stop their aspirin.

We would like to reiterate that aspirin (or some other anti-platelet medication) is strongly recommended for all patients with known coronary heart disease and should not be discontinued as a result of this latest guideline.

This recommendation refers only to the use of aspirin for "primary prevention", that is in individuals with no previous proven heart disease.

For some individuals without proven heart disease but who are at higher risk of cardiovascular events, aspirin does confer benefits.

As always, patients are urged to seek advice from their doctor before stopping any medication.

Michael Lim (Dr)

Chairman, Chapter of Cardiologists, College of Physicians, Singapore, Academy of Medicine, Singapore

Tan Huay Cheem (Prof)

Chairman, Singapore Heart Foundation

Lim Toon Wei (Dr)

President, Singapore Cardiac Society

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