The Academy held its Induction Comitia for the year on Saturday, 6 July 2019, at the Academia@SingHealth.  The event was graced by Permanent Secretary for Health, Mr Chan Heng Kee, as the Guest-of-Honour.





In his address, Mr Chan highlighted the dynamic diversity as the core strength and essence of the Academy, one that is fundamental to the Academy’s fulfilment of its mission: “Over the years, the Academy of Medicine has done excellent work and extended valuable support to the Ministry of Health.  MOH engages, consults and works with the Academy on a wide range of matters.  My senior colleagues and I also have regular dialogues and discussions, both formal and informal, with the Academy’s Council.  In all our interactions and collaborations, one aspect which my colleagues and I value dearly in the Academy is its ‘Unity in Diversity’.”



Master of the Academy, Dr S R E Sayampanathan, highlighted a few initiatives embarked by the Academy, with the involvement of the Colleges and Chapters, in supporting the Ministry’s Beyond Healthcare 2020 vision.  This includes the participation and contribution to the Fee Benchmarks; involvement in the ‘Appropriateness Criteria for Use of Imaging Technology (ACUITY)’ and ‘National Guidelines on the Safe Prescribing of Opioids’ projects; launch of the pilot Hospital Medicine Diploma Programme; and the development of the SMC-AMS-CFPS framework to assist SMC process its complaints and disciplinary cases in a timely manner.





A total of 81 Fellows were formally admitted into the Academy that afternoon.  Dr Tan Yia Swam from the College of Surgeons, Singapore, led her fellow inductees for the pledge-taking. 



“Medical practice is getting more sub-specialised.  Collegiality and collaborations between doctors are even more important, to give patients the best outcome.  The AMS is a good platform to build up this network,” said Dr Tan.





The Induction Comitia also witnessed the graduation of candidates from the Master of Health Professions Education – Singapore and Staff Registrar Scheme Diploma programmes.  That afternoon also saw the presentation of awards for Annals’ Gold Reviewer and Best Publication Awards 2018.





More than 300 attendees were present at the Induction Comitia to celebrate this momentous occasion.





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