The Academy held its Induction Comitia and 24th Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration on 18 January 2020 at the Carlton Hotel Singapore, in conjunction with the 53rd Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine.  The Guest-of-Honour for the event was Mr George Yeo, Former Cabinet Minister, who was also the 24th Gordon Arthur Ransome Orator.





A total of 79 Fellows and 12 Distinguished Overseas Members were conferred the Fellowship of the Academy that evening, including the conferment of the first FAMS (International) inductee. Dr Tan Ban Hock from the College of Physicians, Singapore, led his Fellow inductees for the pledge-taking.





The Induction Comitia also witnessed the presentation of Certificate of Appreciation to Dr Lim Wee Shiong, faculty member of the Master of Health Professions Education, Singapore (MHPE-S) and the graduation of 20 candidates who have successfully completed the Staff Registrar Scheme (SRS) Diploma Programme.





The main highlight of the evening was the 24th Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration by Mr George Yeo entitled ‘Human Solidarity in a Fragmenting World’.  In his Oration, Mr Yeo explored issues of the social media revolution, fragmentation and reconfiguration of human society, growing wealth and income inequality, and big data that have implications for the wider world.





“Human society needs solidarity to become a cohesive force that binds humans to a cooperative effort. In the teachings of Confucius, he emphasised five core values: benevolence, justice, proper behaviour, trust and wisdom. All moral systems elaborate and incorporate these values. They are ingrained in human nature and are probably encoded within our genetic makeup,” said Mr Yeo in his Oration.


While human relationships and institutions adapt to the revolution in technology, Mr Yeo remarked that there could be a long transition marked by disruption and confusion.




More than 300 attendees, comprising Past Masters, overseas guests, heads of medical institutions and professional bodies, Fellows and guests, gathered that evening to celebrate the joyous occasion and listen to the insightful Oration.







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