& MOU Signing Ceremony for the Medical Expert Witness Training Programme


The Academy of Medicine, Singapore hosted an engagement session with The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon from Supreme Court of Singapore on 14th March 2018 at the LKC Medicine Toh Kian Chui Annex Lecture Theatre. 



The event was open to Fellows of Academy who are with the Faculty of Medical Experts as well as those who have agreed to be nominated as Medical Assessors and Medical Mediators. A total of 152 fellows and invited guests from the medical, legal and judicial organizations attended the event.


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The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon addressed the gathering with thought-provoking perspectives on “Medicine and Law: Comparative Perspectives on Professional Conduct and Discipline”.  


"It is for the sake of the protection of the public, therefore, that the professions have always sought to regulate themselves and to punish those of their number who are guilty of misconduct. In this regard, formal disciplinary proceedings provide not only a means for a profession to enforce its standards, but also an avenue for it to communicate to the public, as well as to underscore to its members, the values and ethos which undergird its work."



- Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Supreme Court of Singapore, 14th March 2018


The evening's address is sequel to his 23rd Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration entitled "Law and Medicine: Professions of Honour, Service and Excellence” delivered at the Academy's 60th Anniversary Celebration in 2017. 



Not to miss the opportunity to engage Chief Justice, Fellows in attendance enthusiastically shared their concerns and viewpoints on various aspects of professional conduct and discipline.  A/Prof Benjamin Ong, Director of Medical Services, Ministry of Health, Singapore also weighed in, offering guidance and clarifications to several queries posed by attendees.  Dr Selan Sayampanathan, Master of the Academy, concluded the evening with a presentation of appreciation to Chief Justice and highlighted that the Academy will continue to support constructive inter-profession conversation and collaboration to uphold honour, service and excellence for the professions.





MOU Signing Ceremony for the Medical Expert Witness Training Programme

Prior to the Special Oration, a signing ceremony was held between the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (AMS), Singapore Medical Association (SMA), Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) and Law Society of Singapore (LSS) on the annual Medical Expert Witness Training Course, which has been conducted since 2014 with the support of State Courts of Singapore.  The 3-day training course aims to facilitate medical practitioner attain skills to become an effective medical expert witness.  With increasing complexity of medical practice and rising expectations of the public and patients on the performance and behaviour of doctors, it is timely that competent and skilled medical expert witnesses are available for the benefit of the patients, the public and the profession to ensure effective and equitable dispute resolution.


The Academy was privileged to have the presence of The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, A/Prof Benjamin Ong, Director of Medical Services of the Ministry of Health Singapore, and Professor Tan Ser Kiat, President of the Singapore Medical Council, to witness the signing ceremony.  The MOU between the medical and legal professions is a first in history for the Academy.


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The signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Medical Expert Witness Training Programme (video) are as follows:


  • Dr Selan Sayampanathan, Master, Academy of Medicine, Singapore
  • Dr Wong Tien Hua, President, Singapore Medical Associations
  • Ms Serene Wee, Chief Executive, Singapore Academy of Law
  • Mr Gregory Vijayendran, President, Law Society of Singapore







This Oration marks the inaugural annual lecture under the Office of Professional Affairs (OPA). Future lectureship and programmes will be organised for Fellows who are involved in the professional affairs work of the Academy as follows:-


(1) Faculty of Medical Experts (those who have gone through the Medical Expert Witness Training Courses)

(2) Medical Assessors (this is a scheme with Supreme Court)

(3) Medical Mediators (this is a scheme with Singapore Mediation Centre)

These are important functions to help ensure high standards of ethics and professionalism amongst specialists and health care delivery in Singapore. Fellows who are interested to contribute to and support these areas of professional services may contact the Office of Professional Affairs at Tel: 6593 7885 or Email: syairah@ams.edu.sg.